With thousands of Orlando, Florida citizens and the tourists from all around the US and the world being serviced by our salon since 1998, there’s some pattern which we’ve spotted… All of the clients have a quite similar set of questions.

This page is designed to give straightforward & helpful answers to the most popular queries which we’ve ever gotten…

Q:  Will you remind me of my appointment, so I don’t miss it?

A:  We always keep convenience as a key factor in mind.

Specifically for a purpose of providing you with the best SPA session reminding service, we always inquire at least 2 contacting details, when taking up your appointment booking:

  • Your phone and an alternative phone number to send you a Text messaging reminder
  • Your email address in order to send you a reminder letter
Q:  Talking about facial skin care, is there a way to minimize the appearance of my dilated pores?

A:  Absolutely! That can be easily achieved by regularly performing a cleansing procedure, ideally while using AHA products…

All of that and so much more are possible when visiting our SPA and having professional facials regularly.

Our product recommendation: *Guinot Pure Balance Serum.

Q:  My skin is extremely sensitive It can react from various environmental factors as well as from different health and beauty care products I use. What do recommend for my skin type?

A:   For those of our clients who are experiencing the following symptoms: blotchiness, redness, bumps, rash-like symptoms, uncomfortable, frequent dryness, you will want to go to Sources of Soothing.

Q:  What methods of payment are accepted?

A:   We’ve got three ways of paying for your SPA procedure with us:

  • Any US credit card
  • Cash
  • Gift card
Q:  What is your policy regarding cancellation?

A:  Our salon has a 24-hour cancellation policy, applicable for all individual services.

If you’re a returning customer, who was not able to inform us of the cancellation beforehand, then a 50% cancellation fee may be applied to your account without sufficient notice. All of our spa packages require a 50% deposit at the time of booking.  We do require 48 hours notice for any cancellations of spa packages…

Q:  Do you offer lunch?

A:  Sure thing!

Each of our clients, regardless of the procedure they’ve signed up for are entitled to a hot or cold beverage.

We also provide a selection of cookies for your enjoyment. Light catering or lunch are available upon request prior to appointment for a charge of $30 (plus tax) per person.

Please keep in mind, that a prior notice is required when booking catering.

Q:  Do you offer any SPA & skin care services, tailored specifically for men?

A:  Sure! In fact, currently, we’re the only SPA in Orlando, Florida which recognized a significant surge of men’s interest in SPA & wellness procedures…

Our “Gentlemen’s Services” pack is a perfect option for SPA relaxation & skin care, tailored specifically for men!

Q:  Are your salon’s premises easily accessible by those with disabilities?

A:  Our SPA & skin care salon is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. Please feel free to view our detailed Accessible Customer Service Plan.

Q:  May I bring my child to your SPA Salon during my services?

A:  For the sake of undisturbed relaxation for both you and all other clients, children under 10 years of age are not permitted in the salon or spa.

Q:  Does your SPA salon offers hosting a private party of some kind? If yes, what’s your top scale for a number of guests?

A:  We would love to have you host a private party or special event at our spa. Please contact our event coordinator at spa@demolink.org for details and options available to you and your guests.

Q:  Do you offer gift cards or certificates?

A:  Surely! We’ve got a range of gift certificates and cards, all of which grant application at absolutely any of our range of services.

Q:  Do you have some kind of a Discount Club?

A:  Yes, we do! You can learn more about the advantages and price cuts available to our Discounts Club members on a respective page of our website!